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The excessive interest in cosmetic injectables seems to be, above all, due to the unsurpassed fear of the surgical bed. Fortunately, increasingly effective, non-invasive therapies are a one-way street for the treatment of facial wrinkles, loss of volume, lip augmentation and face contouring. According to Cosmetic Physicians College of Australasia (CPCA), in 2015, near $1 billion was spent in non-invasive cosmetic procedures, reporting a rise of 14-25% in anti-wrinkle and dermal filler injections. Τhis ever-increasing demand for youth and beauty renders the right guidance necessary in order to discover the suitable injectable treatment in Brisbane for your age; because in cosmetic medicine – as in life – everything is a matter of proper timing.

The needs of the face and skin vary from age to age. In your 20s, it might be too early for anti-wrinkle injectables, and in your 60s perhaps they are not enough. As with facial creams, aesthetic treatments and interventions there is an “age index”, so learn what experts recommend for injectables in your 30s.

The appropriate age for someone to have cosmetic injectables for the first time is not specific. It depends on her/his goals and the needs of his/her facial skin. A good rule of thumb, for example, is to start anti-wrinkle injections like Botox when the wrinkles start to be visible in rest. This age may be 30, 35, 40, or even 50 depending on the hereditary predisposition and lifestyle of each person. However, in most cases, at the age of 30, you begin to see the first signs of aging making their first appearance somewhat “temporarily” on your face. Now is the time to lay the foundation of rejuvenation and anti-aging so that you can keep your fresh look for as long as possible.



In your 30s, it is usually the right time to start considering botulin toxin (commonly known as Botox). The wrinkles in this decade, formed mainly due to facial expressions, may be present but they have not yet been established. In contrast, in older women with deep wrinkles, anti-wrinkle injections are less effective, as the skin has reduced elasticity and has already suffered the results from chronic contraction of mimic muscles. In this case, we should not expect much from injectables.

Anti-wrinkle injections gain ground as a preventive treatment in younger ages –and with the support of the cosmetic medical community- in order to stop wrinkles becoming more prominent in the future. In your 30s, this treatment can smooth in a natural and harmonious way the fine lines and wrinkles of your forehead, between the brows and, if needed, the crow’s feet. Moreover, at the ages of 25-30, botulin toxin injections can be useful in order to improve the appearance of the eye area by lifting the outer corner of the eye, offering a more “open” look. However, you should avoid excesses and use a minute amount of injectable material, tailored to your needs and always in accordance with your practitioner’s recommendations. In this spirit, the aim of our Brisbane injectables clinic is to offer a natural, fresh look by reducing the fine lines, not to eliminate them altogether. It is very important not to alter your image. The frozen face has long gone. That is the reason why it is essential, especially at young ages, experts follow a proper treatment protocol to offer a consistently improved result.

Although in early years it had a reputation, the truth is that the safety of anti winrkle injections has been investigated at great extent over the last 25 years. Its efficacy and safety have been documented in more than 1,800 publications in scientific and medical journals, declaring it to be one of the most researched medicines in the history of the planet. The cosmetic use of anti winrkle injections is already officially approved in 36 countries worldwide, including Australia.



Hyaluronic acid is a modern method of anti-aging and skin rejuvenation, making the skin more radiant and softer, besides filling the wrinkles and fine lines. It reminds us of a magic wand that can give beautiful, full, well-shaped lips, as well as add volume to the cheeks, enhancing the facial contour. Cosmetic injectables can find different applications in a broad age range, depending on the demands and needs of each age group and each individual. The sky is the limit!

It is a natural component of our body that helps in hydration and gives volume to the skin. However, the amount that the body produces decreases over the years. Without a second thought, the medical community moved ahead to the application of the synthetic, yet safe and non-allergenic, form of hyaluronic acid, which has since become a popular formulation widely used in cosmetic medicine and the beauty industry.

As the hyaluronic acid molecule is large, though, it cannot easily penetrate the skin; thus, only its injectable forms do work. It is injected under the skin, filling the nasolabial folds and deep wrinkles, and restoring the lost volume mainly in the cheek and lip area. The application of different densities of hyaluronic acid reaches different goals.

The good news is that, if you are older than 18 years old, you can use cosmetic injectables without concern, either in mesotherapy for hydration or as dermal fillers to achieve an oval-shaped face or to enhance your features through lip injections. Hyaluronic acid treatment is fast, relatively painless (under local anesthesia) and totally safe. Its important formulation has been clinically tested and TGA-approved to be absorbable and provide a natural and long-lasting aesthetic effect.

You do not want to look like someone else. You want to look like the improved version of yourself. The earlier you take care of yourself, the more the chances to walk around and nobody notices you have a little tweak here and there. At Kailo Medispa in Fortitude Valley, you can have safe, non-invasive treatments with instant, long-lasting, beautiful results. In your 30s is the time to restore, rejuvenate and enhance your face through wrinkle prevention, cheek and lip augmentation, and internal moisturizing. It is never too early –or too late- to experience the difference. Remember: Beauty is in the eyes of the beholder and the hands of the certificated cosmetic injector.

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