My Big Fat Skinny Wedding! How Cool it feels to fit into your dream dress

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As most brides will know, there are SO many costs involved in planning a dream wedding, from the dress to the photographer…only to get to the wedding day and burst into tears because the dress doesn’t fit. That back fat is pushed up so tight, you’re unsure where your armpits finish and your actual arms start! You can barely breath, you’re stressing about the photos that you’re going to have for the rest of your life and the last thing you want to have to think about is “how do I look?”

Let’s see now, I’m sure if you’re reading this blog that you have most likely tried EVERYTHING to lose weight in the lead up to your big day? Lemon detox diet with cayenne and maple syrup, Keto diet, Mediterranean diet, shakes, supplements, gym memberships, personal training…only to find out, that those fat cells you just shrunk, went RIGHT back to the size they were. Happily making you miserable.

You see, we are all born with a certain number of fat cells and those fat cells stop producing and duplicating by the end of adolescence. Some people have more, others have less…my older sister unfortunately got more. Fat cells grow and shrink in size over their lifespan pending how regularly you diet and exercise…but they’re always still THERE…lurking, threatening to make you fat at any one point.

Then, along came technology and thought “you know what, if I can diet you off…I’m going to freeze you off!” And so Cryolipolysis was born reshaping the lives (and bodies) of those people who dared to spend the money and take the risk of it actually working. Fortunately for the advancement in that technology, the model has since been replicated and with a competitive market, the costs suddenly became more affordable through Pêche Medispa. Now don’t get me wrong, diet and exercise are two vital parts of life in general  – not only for weightless, but for inner health, however, for around the same cost as a 12 month gym membership, Pêche can remove a large portion of that fat – PERMINENTLY! If its the bra fat you can’t push down into the dress, or the double chin casting a shadow in your pictures, the dress not buttoning up…Fat Freezing might be your new addiction?

Check out our Fat Freezing page to find out more and book a free consultation so we can devise a treatment plan for you!



The Pêche Team x